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5 Ways to use Facebook Video to Promote Your Business

The past few years have really seen an explosion in social networking and social media sites. This growth in social networking has opened up many doors for marketers and entrepreneurs because there are many sites out there, such as Facebook,  that have hundreds of thousands of members who sign in every single day to chat with friends, play games or send messages. By creating a Facebook video marketing campaign you can take advantage of this in order to get more exposure for your products or services.

So, how exactly can you use Facebook video to promote your business? Well there are actually a number of techniques, and in this article I am going to talk you through 5 different methods that will not only help to promote your products or services, but will also help you to gain much more traffic for your website, which you can then convert into an increased number of sales!

1) Of course the obvious thing to do is to use your video upload on Facebook as a direct marketing tool for your promotional material so that everyone can view your video on your profile page. This is a great way of raising awareness about your products and services, and can also be used to drive visitors from your Facebook profile page to your website.

2) However, video marketing on Facebook doesn't just have to revolve around direct advertising. In fact, you may decide to use a Facebook video to increase your public reputation, or to demonstrate that you are an expert in your specific niche. For instance, you could create a video to display testimonials from satisfied customers. Not only does this show that you run a genuine business which actually delivers what you promise, but it is also a great way of 'indirect' marketing.

3) If you are an expert in a certain field then a great way of promoting yourself is to create a series of "how to" videos (as I do). Again, this is an excellent way of raising awareness about your products and services, but at the same time you are also offering the viewer information or advice. For instance, if you sold plant food, you could upload a video on Facebook showing viewers how to properly care for their plant or if you were an IT expert you could create a video showing prospects how to get the most out of their programs, or how to use new software.

4) Your Facebook video marketing campaign could take the form of a series of reviews about the products or services that you offer in your niche. You could review your own products and demonstrate how to use them, or perhaps explain to your prospects why your products or services are better value than any others on the market.

5) You can also upload a video on Facebook to build your reputation within your specific niche. Instead of trying to use Facebook as a platform to directly attract buyers, you may consider using it to establish your name or brand as a credible entity. For instance, you could create a series of videos discussing the latest trends or developments in your niche. You could give your thoughts and opinions, and discuss the latest news and the affect it will have on the consumer.

Basically instead of trying to sell directly through your Facebook video, you are treating it more as a video blog to share your thoughts and opinions. Not only will this show your potential customers that you care about and have a personal interest in your niche, but it will also help to create a feeling of trust between you and your potential customers, making them more likely to buy from you.

The most important thing when using Facebook video marketing, or any social network marketing for that matter, is to avoid coming across as a spammer. If people think you are only interested in force feeding them your marketing message then they will not bother to accept your friend request, they will not bother to read your profile, they will not bother to view any video uploads you have posted and they will certainly not bother to visit your website. Furthermore, if Facebook suspects you are a spammer they may even ban you, so make sure you maintain a good balance between promoting your products or services, and actually offering useful information for your viewers.

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